Jefferson Park

September 8-9, 1990

Like Rodney Dangerfield, “We got no respect” in the parking lot when non-member Dave declared at the very moment we were loading up the cars that he didn’t want to go because he thought it was going to be a younger group! Later, as we were driving merrily down the highway laughing at Dave’s impudence and our over-the-hill and out-of-it status, a car with flashing lights stopped us. Again, we got no respect, this time from the fuzz. We felt like we were traveling in scree, taking one step forward and sliding back two. Was this a mountain climb or what? Fortunately that was the last problem of a perfect weekend. After setting up camp at Scout Lake we went exploring. Found the spring east of Russell Lake, marveled at meadow opening into meadow, opening into meadow, “refound” “Anne” Rock and “Montgomery” Falls. (Anne found them two years earlier.) By dusk we were marveling at the reflection of Mt. Jefferson in Scout Lake, and when the stars were also part of the reflection, we knew we were experiencing something truly wonderful. It had been a great day after all with warm sunshine, cool breezes, our tents set up with a full view of the mountain, brilliant mountain ash all around, patches of ripe huckleberries, Western-fringed Gentians, polliwogs swimming in nearby tarps and a pleasant supper of show-and-tell camp food which we tried to protect from the acrobatic camp robbers.

On Sunday, after a lazy leisurely breakfast, we wandered around Bays, Park and Rock Lakes, getting back to camp in time to pack up, enjoy a lazy lunch and head down the trail. Early September is one of the best times to backpack into Jefferson Park. We decided we must make a 2-night trip out of it next year. Carol Stern, Bob Foster, Diana Taylor, Velma Shirk and co-leaders Sharon Ritchie and Barb Elsen really enjoyed the memorable weekend.

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