Green Lakes

August 25, 1990

This hike was a last-minute addition to the roster which proved to be delightful. The chill of fall was in the air at the trailhead, but the sun was shining. After five minutes on the trail, the group splintered into the usual number of mini-groups and proceeded onward. Hal and I were startled to see a large buck cross the trail very close to us, then stop to stare for a long while. We decided he had better get smart fast, or he’d never survive hunting season. We all had lunch at Green Lakes then wandered around the lakes admiring the colors, mountains, waterfalls, etc. It was relaxing and delightful. John Hudson made a mini-adventure of it. He brought a backpack, left us after lunch and bushwhacked to Camp Lake where he joined Mary Ellen’s Chambers Lakes hike the following day. The by-then overcast sky began to take on a threatening look, so we started back stopping to admire a marmot, an osprey, and this time a curious doe! A “refreshment” stop was made at Elk Lake Lodge. The low-key group consisted of non-member Gerhard Hoffman; and members Hal Busby, Lin Pierce, Audrey Cummings, Uttam Guilder, John Hudson, Bonnie Manheim, Karen Seidel, Marty Hathaway and leader (of sorts), Sharon Ritchie.

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