PCNST (Crater Lake to Summit Lake)

August 11-18, 1990

It was beautiful warm weather the first six days of the trip. Starting at Crater Lake on Saturday afternoon, it was so warm the first two nights that one could sleep on top of the sleeping bag. This also contributed to hot boots and large blisters on the bottom of each foot. Limped into Diamond Lake on Monday for a day of R&R. Almost terminated the trip there, but by applying big sections of moleskin I was able to complete this section of the PCT. Had hiked around Crater Lake and then across the Pumice Desert with side trip to Diamond Lake. Then returned to the trail going past Mt. Thielsen — great views. Overnights at Thielsen Creek, Maidu Lake, Windigo Lake and — rain! Rain and no views Friday on the way to Summit Lake. Thunderstorm Friday night that turned into a steady downpour until morning. Came out from Summit Lake Campground to home and hot shower. Other than the last day of rain, this was a very nice section of the PCT. Views in all directions, no mosquitoes, no people, just deer, quail, a coyote and me. Solo backpacker: Dick Moffitt.

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