Opie Dilldock Pass

August 4, 1990

A last-minute cancellation reduced the group to six, a cozy group that piled into Truman Grandy’s and Chris Olson’s van for the trip to Frog Camp parking lot near the top of the McKenzie Pass. The wildlife encountered on this trip was seen before we got out of the van. As we were circling the parking lot looking for a spot, several deer were seen ambling about. Starting from the parking lot, we used the cut-off to go to the Scott Lake Trail and from there to the Pacific Crest Trail and then onto Opie Dilldock Pass. A couple of members detoured to the top of Collier Cone. Next stop was Sunshine Camp meadow which was a blaze of color from the wildflowers. It looked like an impressionistic painting. A good trip with good views done by a good group which consisted of Emmy Dale, Barb Elsen, Truman Grandy, Chris Olson, Martha Welches and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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