Marys Peak

July 8, 1990

Ten hikers traveled to Marys Peak July 8 for a delightful day’s outing, to make up for the rainy one June 10. This time the weather was perfect, clear and not too hot. We left the S.E.H.S. parking lot at 8:15, after waiting for two people who had signed up but didn’t show up. We took the “short cut,” turning west at the Greenberry Store, taking the Beaver Creek Road and Becker Road to the Alsea Highway (34) near the start of the grade over the Coast Range. The total distance from the start to the parking lot on Marys Peak is 58 miles by this route.

We hiked down the East Ridge Trail through stands of old growth timber to the Blue Mountain Gap — about two miles — then back to the parking lot; then up the access road to the summit, where we ate lunch. Mountain peaks from Mt. Adams to Mt. Thielsen were visible above the layer of brown haze in the valley. The view to the west, however, was over clouds covering all but the tops of a few high ridges. We then went cross-country, down through hip-high grass and plants to the recreation trail above the creek, and followed that to the left, down to the creek, across, and back up the north side trail to eventually join the summit trail about 1/8 mile from the parking lot. The total distance hiked was about 6.5 miles.

I first climbed Marys Peak in 1925, from the logging road up Woods Creek. It has changed greatly since then, but is still an enchanting place to visit and explore. There are two major trails on the peak besides the Summit Trail and the recreation trail: The East Ridge Trail, just described, and the North Ridge Trail, which leads down the mountain to the old logging camp at the end of the Woods Creek Road. Both these trails start at the parking lot. There is an access road (restricted entry, but open to hikers) that connects the lower end of these two trails, making a loop hike of eight miles possible.

Hikers were Shirley Froyd, Marty Hathaway, Mae Jackson, Ray Lafollette, Gary Marx, Debra Posen, Dave Predeek, Bobbye Sorrels, Kate Sullivan and Myron Stahl (leader).

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