Rosary Lakes

June 23, 1990

Our group met, as usual, at the S.E.H.S. parking lot. The skies were overcast and the promise of rain seemed imminent. Proceeding out to Highway 58 we encountered a blue sky and while puffs of clouds (around Oakridge). Weather — great! Eleven of our group traveled in 3 cars to the parking lot just past Willamette Pass Ski Area. Two ladies arrived as planned at this lot and we proceeded to hike. To our surprise, there were many large trees across the trail, with accompanying vast amounts of brush. It was difficult in spots to even find the trail. Bob Foster was a big help in leading the way. We appreciated his expertise. Having hiked this trail many times, I was disappointed to find it in this condition. There were also more mosquitoes at South Rosary Lake than I remember. We lunched and rested and waited while Bob, Marty and Craig climbed Rosary Rock. The return trip was also much slower than usual due to the condition of the trail. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip and we stopped at Oakridge Dairy Queen to refresh ourselves before returning to Eugene. Rosary Lakers were Craig Boosey, Lisa Brazil, Bob Foster, Gladys Grancorvitz, Sylvia Harvey, Marty Hathaway, Corinne Hunt, Loretta Macauley, B. Manheim, Gary Marx, Harriett Spitler, Helen St. James and Loretta Mason (leader).

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