Iron Mountain

June 16, 1990

The day was partly cloudy but very comfortable for walking via Cone Trail to Iron Mountain. The rock gardens along the trail were becoming colorful with wildflowers. The Greenfields brought a cat to walk the trail. On the most part it was game for the walk. The leader had gout and decided not to go the .7-mile final climb up Iron Mountain. Dot Leland graciously accepted leadership for this trip with the leader sweeping the rear. We heard a blue grouse on the way up. The group got off the trail and back to the cars around 4 p.m. The trail had some large trees down but had been power sawed by the forest service. However, it would be suggested that a maintenance group of (4) clean and shape the trail. This could be done in one day. Those on the hike were John Andersen, Glenn Aplin, Francesca Archer, Nola Briles, Kevin Clark, Mary Christoferson, Gladys Grancorvitz, R. and Sharon Greenfield, “Han,” Sylvia Harvey, Carolyn Kompanik, Dot Leland, Bill Loome, Loretta Macauley, Ray Mikesell, Mary Millman, Mary Moffat, Richard Pope, Hans Schock, Harriett Spitler, Betty Staeck, David Webb, Birgitte Williams, and Ted Briles (leader).

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