Black Butte

June 16, 1990

Our congenial and international group of hikers left Eugene at 8:15. The day was overcast and some drizzle was encountered while driving up the McKenzie Highway. After a pleasant stop at Sahalie Falls we encountered sunshine east of the Santiam Pass. We reached the trailhead at 11:15 and started up a well-maintained trail. The North and Middle Sister were visible, but most other peaks were hidden in the clouds when we started. We met many other parties on the trail, including a pack train. Near the summit it was cold and windy. The last of the party arrived at the summit at 1:05 and, after enjoying the view, sought shelter from the wind for the lunch break. Before we started down at 2:10, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson were observed. Three Fingered Jack was mostly hidden. We returned to the trailhead at 4:00, and agreed to stop at the head of the Metolius on the way back. There our party (including members from Singapore and Australia) met a group from Italy. We made one more stop, at the Village Cafe for Mom’s Homemade Pies and returned to Eugene at 6:00. The group included Jackie Fern, Judy Forell, Uttam Guilder, Kathy Perkins, Henrietta Richmond, and Joel McClure (leader).

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