Tahkenitch Dunes-Threemile Lake

June 10, 1990

Prepared for some at least mixed weather after a rainy week, 3 members and 2 non-members met at the civilized hour of 9 a.m. at S.E.H.S., waited duly for one signed-up member who turned out to be a no-show, and drove to Tahkenitch Campground with a pit-stop at Linslaw County Park. The two cars arrived without problem at our destination; and we were happy to notice that the weather had turned to the better. We hiked out through the dunes, braving a short and light shower on the way, observed some fresh bear tracks in the sand and arrived at Threemile Lake just in time for lunch. After having eaten our fill, three fearless individuals took to the water, duly dressed in bathing suit and swimming trunks. These, however, did not keep us warm for very long as the water turned out to still be icy cold. Shivering we emerged from the water and warmed up with the help of the sun, which was out now in almost full force. While doing so we marveled at two skinny dippers with two dogs who managed to stay in the water for an incredible length of time. After about two hours at the lake we set out to return, after a brief excursion to the shore, via the forest path. The rhododendron were still in bloom, and the group was friendly and communicative, so the time passed quickly. We arrived back at the cars just before 5:00 p.m. and returned to Eugene via Mo’s. Hikers were Gladys Grancorvitz, Gary Marx (members), Dawn LaBarre and Brian Hartlein (guests) and first-time leader Hans Schock.

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