Opal Creek

June 9, 1990

Opal Creek must rank high on every Obsidian’s “must see” list. It is reported to be the largest intact unprotected ancient forest in Oregon’s western Cascades. The day started out cloudy (what else!) but the drive was fast, the county road paved most of the way and the scenery along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River was beautiful. Upon arriving at the trailhead, the sun came out which was a welcome sight after so many weeks of rain. We walked 3 miles into Jawbone Flats, an active mining community, population 8, then went on to have lunch overlooking a perfect jewel, Opal Pool. After lunch the majority of the group ventured up the trail along Opal Creek. An extremely large area of blow down was encountered. A few turned back and the rest pressed on. Those that completed the entire trip reported that although the blow down was a problem, it was well worth the effort because of the beauty of the trail. We were told that a new trail around the blow down will be completed by early fall. It would be my suggestion that you wait until this is done before making the trip. Most of the group returned to the cars in pouring rain, drenched, tired, but happy. The entourage consisted of nonmembers Bryce Ringsdorf, Karl Rasmussen, Joy and Steve Davey, Letty Lincoln, Carolyn Villa Lobos, Tim Longworth, Jr. and Sr.; and members Gladys Grancorvitz, Bob Foster, Carol Stern, Marty Hathaway, Ardys Ringsdorf, Becky Hansen, Genie Currier, Bonnie Ledford, Ben Elkus, Alan Sorenson, Virginia Prouty, John Kocher, Shirley Froyd, Don Orton and co-leaders Mary Vogel and Sharon Ritchie.

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