Marys Peak

June 9, 1990

The Marys Peak hike turned out to be much too similar to last year’s experience. Rain and the threat of more had hung like a pall over the projected trip all week, and it didn’t look any better as we left Eugene and headed north under leaden skies. While no rain was falling at the time, Marys Peak was shrouded under a cloud cover. After a rest stop at Connie’s and Flossie’s in Philomath, we set off up the trail. Along the way we noted that last winter’s wind storm had knocked down quite a few trees. Anemones and Vanilla Leaf were doing quite well in the clearings opened up by the fallen timber. Farther up the trail we found Coral Root Orchids and some Indian Pipes just poking into view. On the summit it wasn’t so nice! Better than last year, to be sure, but not pleasant. We spent little time there. Visibility was poor. We dropped back down the trail to get some shelter and had lunch under a steady drip from the forest canopy. The canopy continued to drip as we slogged back down to the trailhead. Then, as we drove homeward, it really poured. I’ve made a note not to try Marys Peak next year until the month of August!! Those who shared this damp workout were: Terry Caron, Ed Cope, Henrietta Richmond, Barbara Schulz and leader, Vernon Barkhurst.

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