Castle Rock/Rainbow Falls

May 20, 1990

Before leaving we had the opportunity to talk with Ralph Howarth and his wife about their planned trip to Bird Haven in Salem. Our trip started from the S.E.H.S. parking lot at about 8:15 a.m. The hike up Castle Rock started from the end of the service road and was 1¾ miles to the top. The day was partly cloudy but it did not rain until we got off the trail and into the car. We enjoyed a wonderful view of the Three Sisters and Three Fingered Jack. We had lunch just below the top at 11:30. We proceeded to hike another 1½ miles to Rainbow Falls overlook. We drove from Castle Rock to the trailhead of Rainbow Falls via Hwy. 126 to Foley Ridge Road. From the overlook we could see Rainbow Falls about a mile or mile-and-a-half distant. Despite cloud cover we could see the Three Sisters. Hikers were Nola Briles, Ben Elkus and Ted Briles (leader).

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