McKenzie River Trail

May 12, 1990

“Oh, it’s so good to be on the McKenzie Trail once again.” “I always enjoy the McKenzie — any part of it.” Such comments were heard as we walked along the beautiful trail and continued throughout the day. The weather was basically cool and cloudy with brief interludes of sun, interspersed with a couple of sprinkles. As we climbed into the car to return, it began to rain. Some beautiful wildflowers showed their faces for us on the trail such as wild iris, dogwood, rhododendron, spring beauty, and a few little orchids were still blooming for us although they were not as abundant as a few weeks earlier. The birds were singing and so were we. We all commented that we had never seen so many people on this trail or on any Obsidian hike that we had been on. Several groups passed us between Paradise Campground and Belknap Springs. We had a lunch stop at the bridge at Lost Creek and then a short hike to the car. Ten people enjoyed the hike. Seven are members. One has his application in for membership and two new friends are interested in becoming members. Genie Currier, Gladys Grancorvitz, Ben Elkus, M. Hutchison, Ray Lafollette, Bill Loy, B. Manheim, Ed and Jan Vaughn, and Maude Caldwell (leader) enjoyed the trip.

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