Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 28, 1990

The day was partly cloudy and cool, so in the morning we didn’t see many birds at McFadden Marsh. Next we took a quick look at the historic Fiechter House, the red barn, Park Headquarters and Cabell Marsh. Lunch was under an old oak tree along the Woodpecker Loop Trail. Here we enjoyed the view of the refuge and the surrounding countryside. Now the fun begins! Crossing Grey Creek was a challenge because of high water — we made it! Never in 20 years did we encounter such blow-down in the Maple Knoll area (this part is off the refuge and not maintained). We decided to keep going, climbing over and under huge old maple trees with thick ferns and mosses underneath. We had such fun bushwhacking through all this; however, we couldn’t find the trail to the beaver pond so we just turned back instead of completing the loop. The best part of the trip, everyone agreed, was the congenial group of people thrashing through the “Finley Jungle” — Sherry Blocher, Dottie Conlon, Jane and John Corliss, Ben Elkus, Julie Greenstein, Marty Hathaway, Chris Hofmann, Ray Lafollette, Mary Wagner and leader Dot Leland.

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