Eugene Bike Trails

April 24, 1990

As Eugene and Springfield are high on the list of bicycle oriented communities, our tour was primarily to use some of the local bicycle routes and to show interested persons a few of the many routes for commuting and recreational touring. We have some excellent bicycle trails and routes in this area. Most notable is the trail along the Amazon from 15th and Jefferson to near the Fred Meyer store on West 11th. There are also trails along both sides of the river and many streets are marked for bike routes. We have four bike/pedestrian bridges over the river. Springfield has a route along the EWEB power line right-of-way extending from Pioneer Parkway East (3rd St. near the Safeway) to 28th St., an excellent traffic-free way through Springfield to the Mohawk and Camp Creek roads. One of our members Dick Moffitt had a lot to do with establishing this route. Our outing was a leisurely 15-mile tour which included the Amazon trail and trails along the river, two of the bike bridges and routes along Goodpasture Rd. and Chambers St. Those on the trip were George Hermach, Craig Boosey (a visitor form New Zealand), Jerry Hambleton and Marriner Orum (leader). Now that the weather is moderating, dig out that old cycle, get a helmet and head for some local routes and rural roads. It is a fun way to help maintain health.

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