Kloster Mountain

April 23, 1990

Seven Obsidian members braved what looked like threatening weather to explore the brand new Kloster Mountain Trail on Monday, April 23. Although the trail, built this past winter, had some work yet to be done in clearing the new spring shoots and branches — especially a fresh new crop of poison oak — all involved were in high spirits and had a fine time. And not a single case of poison oak turned up, since adequate precautions were taken afterwards, e.g. washing our bodies with “Secnu” and all clothing, shoes, packs exposed to it. The first section of the trail climbed gradually through a forest dotted with five ancient trees along the trail, each with its own story to tell of why it was most likely saved from the saw.

The next section of the trail climbed more steeply through a diverse forest that included Pacific yew, Chinquapin oak and Madrone as well as the usual array of conifers and hardwoods found in low-lying western forest. The final section climbed somewhat steeply to the top of Kloster Mountain, where a great view of the Lost Valley and Dexter Reservoir were available. Co-leaders Mary Vogel and John Kranz plan to have the peak cleared of poison oak by the next Obsidian hike to this convenient, close-by mountain top experience. Meanwhile, members with immunity to it are encouraged to try the trail on their own. It starts from Lost Valley Center in Dexter. Call Mary at 937-3911 for directions before coming out. Hiking Kloster Mountain were Chuck and Sandy Reul, Ben Elkus, Henrietta Richmond, Carol Stem and Mary Vogel/John Kranz (co-leaders).

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