Sunset Bay, Shore Acres and Cape Arago

April 22, 1990

The trip to the coast near Charleston covers some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. This hike began at Sunset Bay and followed the Coast Trail to Cape Arago, a distance of four miles. In the middle at Shore Acres are the magnificent restored and improved gardens of the early day Simpson timber family. This day was wet with occasional clearing so rain gear was the order of the day. Lunch was eaten in the building overlooking Shore Acres as the alternative was certainly a soggy sandwich. It is easy to find the shore at Charleston by driving south on Highway 101 to North Bend and following the signs to Charleston. Beyond the bridge at Charleston are signs pointing to the State Parks which encompass this walk. Hiking were: Barbara Chinn, Ben Elkus, Gladys Grancorvitz, Maxine Hall, Marty Hathaway, Ray Lafollette, Bonnie Manheim, Philip Postel, Marty Welches and leader Mary Ellen West.

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