Rogue River/Paradise Lodge

April 7-8, 1990

On April 7th forty-seven (47) Obsidians and friends departed Eugene at 8 a.m. sharp for the Rogue River. We traveled in ten (10) cars and managed to stay together until we met at Marial at noon. We left in a rather damp overcast but arrived in Marial under sunny skies. Some of the group left at once for Paradise Lodge so they would have time to hike on down river from the Lodge while others relaxed in the sun and had lunch. The hiking time to Paradise varied from an hour to four hours depending on how the hiker felt. Because we were so spread out you never had the feeling of being in such a large group.

After a nice afternoon in the sun we dined on prime rib, prawns, apple pie, etc. After dinner there were card games, visiting, etc. The lights went out at 10 and we were ready to turn in.

Sunday morning we had scrambled eggs, sausage, oatmeal, biscuits with gravy, juice, and all kinds of fruit for breakfast. The meals were not what you would call low-cal but was it ever good, and plenty of it. After eating the group started back to the cars when they felt like it. Most of us got back to the cars about noon and after visiting the old Rogue River Ranch at Marial we left for home. We were all back to Eugene by 6 p.m.

This hike is a little less than 4 miles in length and anyone can make it if in any kind of condition. We were treated very well by the people at Paradise Lodge and they would like very much to have us come back. From the nice notes I got from many of you I would say that this trip could be repeated and have another large turn out. I want to thank all the people who went on the trip for being so congenial and making this such a fun outing. You’re easy to be with so let’s do it again.

Rogue River hikers were Ewart and Margaret Baldwin, Annetta and Dave Becker, Bernice Claypool, Amy Clugston, Genie Currier, Bob and Leona Devine, Bill and Donna Eimstad, Gladys Grancorvitz, Donna Turring, Margaret Hadaway, Corinne Hunt, Diane and George Jeffcott, George Jobanek, Catherine Jones, Kirsten Jones, Bonnie Ledford, Norma Lockyear, Joe Lowry, Eileen and Loretta Mason, John and Lenore McManigal, Charlotte Mills, Frank and Wilma Moore, Virginia Prouty, Chuck and Sandy Reul, Sharon Ritchie, Fred Schepman, Bobbye Sorrels, Rex and Shirley Stevens, Chris Shuraleff, Charlene Talkington, Dorothy Turner, Dennis Urso, David and Jan White, and Bob and Pat Dark (leaders).

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