Mt. Pisgah

April 1, 1990

Sixteen hikers followed the well-marked and mostly well-maintained trail up “the east side of the mountain&rdquo — at a faster past than the leader had anticipated. In fact, he could hardly keep up. We left the east side parking lot at 9:30, and were on the top by 11:15, even though we stopped frequently to admire the early flowers (and let the leader rest). Before we left the parking lot a nearby rancher drove in and looked us over. He was just checking, he said, for he owns land adjacent to the park and disliked to see vandalism. He was very friendly when he learned we were Obsidians. He told me that the remnants of a stone wall on the ridge (which I had explored and was very curious about) had been made by Indians to aid in rounding up their horses. This must have been between 1840 and 1860, for they had no horses before then and were sent to the Reservation at Grande Ronde before 1860. I had supposed that white settlers had built the walls. We lingered about forty-five minutes on top. There was a brisk cool northwest breeze, so we sought the sheltered east side to have lunch. The air was hazy and views were somewhat limited; Hardesty Mountain was barely visible. Mt. Pisgah hikers were Kirsta Crawford, Genie Currier, Linda Hall, Sylvia Harvey, Marty Hathaway, Corinne Hunt, Gary Marx, Natalie McClatchey, Virginia Prouty, Ardys Ringsdorf, Charles and Sandy Reul, Abbie Smith, Bert Tepfer, Jan White and Mike Stahl (leader).

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