Silver Falls State Park

March 4, 1990

It rained more or less continuously during our journey by car to Silver Falls State Park, but that did not deter this gung-ho group of a dozen hikers. Indeed, it was as if the heavens acknowledged us for not wimping out: five minutes after we began our hike, the rain ceased. The rest of our hike was under overcast but dry skies, lending a “rainforest” ambience to this beautiful canyon perched in time on the brink of spring. The waterfalls in the canyon were in full swing, thrilling us all with their seemingly cathartic torrents of water cascading off overhanging ledges along the canyon’s rim. Patches of snow, landslides and downed trees greeted us frequently along the trails, stirring our imaginations to ponder the ravaging winter storms which had preceded our visit. The park was beautiful to behold in its tussled condition, wild and free from its well-groomed subservience to summertime crowds. The waterfalls seemed to celebrate the canyon’s freedom, putting on spectacular displays of sight and sound for our hungry eyes and ears. Some of the many highlights of the trip: lunch at the 178-foot Double Falls; standing underneath and behind the massive, roaring Middle North Falls; and leisurely snacking inside the overhung amphitheater of North Falls as we looked out at the lush, green view down canyon framed by the torn curtain of water from the falls cascading from overhead. Returning rain greeted us just as we arrived back at the parking lot, as if to signal the end of our wonderful hike. Refreshed and renewed hikers were Mary Christoferson, John Englehart, Bob Foster, Marty Hathaway, Corinne Hunt, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx, Chuck and Sandy Reul, Carol Stern, Karin Thompson, and leader Michael Cooper.

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