Rooster Rock

February 4, 1990

Our group left Eugene with blue skies overhead and something a few of us recalled as being the sun. The hike into the Menagerie Wilderness began with about an inch of snow on the ground from the previous night’s fall. As we made our way upward, the sunshine melting the snow in the canopy created a rain shower reminiscent of summer sun-rain showers. The whimsical forest spirits also pelted us with snowballs from the tree limbs. I believe every member took at least one direct hit as we proceeded through the cannonade. The final mile tested the group's mettle; it being not only the steepest portion of the trail but the deepest snow pack, thigh to hip-deep. We were rewarded with sunshine and a view of the menagerie for our efforts. Kudos to Bob Foster for not only breaking trail but arriving an hour ahead of everyone else on Rooster Rock. Enjoying the day were Ben Elkus, Lorraine Mombert, Marie Mulholland, Bob Foster, Gary Marx and leader Bart Sarzynski.

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