Threemile Lake/Tahkenitch Dunes

January 28, 1990

What a fantastic day! And to think I almost cancelled because of “a major storm system with 35-40 mph winds.” When called, Ben said “Gee, that’s too bad — sounds exciting.“ Well, so thought I and everyone else! At the Gingerbread House over coffee, we all voted to try the trail and if it was bad, go to Mo’s. Well, it was great. Slight drizzle, but, boy, was the wind whipping those trees around. Talk about exciting! At lunch near Threemile Lake, we again voted (very democratic, slightly looney tunes group) to go back along the beach and up through the dunes. Fortunately the wind was at our backs. The dunes were beautiful, they looked like rivers of brown sand. The “walk” on the beach was a riot. All these adults running, skipping and laughing like 5-year-olds. The wind was 35-40 mph with gusts to 50, and it seemed to lift us right off the ground. We all agreed it was a truly exciting and unique day. The only downer was the chowder at Mo’s. It was lukewarm-again! The sandblasted adventurers were members Bob Foster, Corrine Hunt, Jerry Crosby, Fred Schepman, Dennis Lueck; non-members Leslie Little, Ben Elkins, Hittami Guilder and leader, Sharon Ritchie.

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