Gourmet &/or easy food recipes

May 16, 1990

Obsidians may not be the best cooks, but they are hams when it comes to showing off their secret recipe. It was high entertainment at the Lodge on May 16! Great nibbling! Lots of laughs! And personal glimpses of some great chefs. Here are some of the tips from the 30 people who attended.

  • John Kocher: Baked potatoes (cooked ahead of time in microwave) with fresh salsa. Brie cheese, sliced avocado and crackers.
  • Jan Anselmo: Grits (polenta from Oasis) served with salt, pepper and Molly McButter. 1/2 cup grits to two cups water. Add bacon bits for flavor. Alpine Aire freeze dried food. Plastic scraper for pans from Kitchen Nook.
  • Chris Shuraleff: Hiker’s bread from Bread Stop.
  • Dick Moffitt: First Need water purifier demonstration.
  • Rich Anselmo: Power Bars from Kiva.
  • Linda Erz: Rice-a-roni with can of tuna (or clams), powdered milk.
  • Doris Allen: Dried fruit.
  • Mary Millman: Energy Bars. Spiced Lentils.
  • Wes Prouty: Huge Cookies and many other tips such as Hot Tang, Cracker Barrel cheese.
  • Vi Johnson: Trail mix/breakfast meal.
  • Rick Ahrens: Peanut butter sandwich. Avoiding fuss and elaborate equipment, Rick showed off the family recipe. Put in plastic bag, squash and put in bottom of your pack for best results.

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