Mt. McLoughlin

August 11-12, 1990

Mt. McLoughlin, the southern most Cascade peak in Oregon, is a jewel of a climb. It will certainly sparkle in the memory of the four climbers who made the summit on a warm, hazy Southern Oregon day in August. It was hot when we left Eugene in the late afternoon Saturday, and it just got hotter as we drove south. In Medford we stopped for dinner at LaBurrita, for great, authentic (and cheap) Mexican food. The dining room was pleasantly air conditioned. At the trailhead we wasted no time falling asleep under the firs and the stars to the music of a clear rushing mountain stream.

It was a warm three hours and 49 minutes to the top the next morning, where we spent about 40 minutes resting, enjoying the sunshine, and talking to two young men who had beat us to the top. One of their T-shirts spelled out the mountaineering style in that part of Oregon: “Art, Music, Beer.” They had packed 12 beers to the top and were quite happy when we got there! Back at the trailhead we took advantage of the stream to soak our feet before heading back home. The climbers were Royal Murdock, Glen Graves from Grants Pass, Kim Gagnon, and John Pegg, leader.

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