Fall Colors, McKenzie Valley

October 6, 1990

We left S.E.H.S. at 8 a.m., leaving cars near the YMCA to clear the parking lot for LTD buses for the football game. Picked up Bill Burwell and son Tyee at the Village Cafe at 8:50. Proceeded up the road to and past the Cougar Dam, turning right up into the hills. The color was really not far enough along! We should have waited another week or two. We went on up to Indian Ridge Lookout. There is plenty of space for a bus to turn around up there, in fact trucks with propane go up there regularly to service some radio equipment. At the beginning of the trip in Eugene the clouds were pretty low. On the ridge they had risen, but not enough to see the complete skyline to the east. Arrived there too early for lunch and it was also a bit cold. We went back down to Hidden Lake amidst the ancient trees for lunch and a campfire, with hikes around to see a hidden spring and part of the lake. We found several messy, unsanitary camp sites, obviously left by amateurs. We went back down to the campground at the head of the French Pete Trail and were down at the Village Cafe by 3:10 for pie and coffee or whatever. Bill and son left us here; back at S.E.H.S. at 5:00 p.m.

Participants were Rita Baxter, Tyee Burwell, Ingrid Carmichael, Virginia DeMers, Marjorie Eaton, Ardis Ebbighausen, Loene Ellickson, Hariett Friday, Bette Hack, Myrt Halferty, Jane Hilt, Miki Hutchison, Theodoa Leppman, Ray and Betty Jensen, Bea LeFevre, Jennelle Moorhead, Dorothy Medill, Grace Smith, Edrie Stewart, Louise Thurber, Lanelda Watts, Ruth and Hawk Williams, Fran Witzel with trip guide Bill Burwell and trip leader Bill Eaton.

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