Stern Wheel Paddler

April 14, 1990

On a bright sunny day 11 Obsidian members and 16 guests went by bus from Eugene to Portland; here they boarded the Stern Wheel Paddler Columbia Gorge. The boat took them down the Willamette River as far as the Portland dry docks. The Captain, over a communication system, provided commentary about bridges, shore facilities and details about the very large ships in dry dock. One was as long as 3 football fields. Ice cream cones were enjoyed on the way home, and at 4:30 p.m. a happy group reached Eugene.

Stern Wheel Paddlers were Muriel Aufderheide, Mildred Bonkowski, Thelma Collins, Clair Cooley, Ellen Deckerman, Bill and Marjorie Eaton, Shirley Hendrickson, Betty Hack, Dorothy Jacobson, Bonaba Keeser, Joan Keegher, Ann Kennedy, Pauline Lloyd, Helen Lynch, Mary Merrette, Mary McLoughlin, Selma Nelson, Opal Paul, Pat Roy, June, Grace and Nadine Smith, Hazel Stalsberg, Lois Schreiner and leader Jennelle Moorhead.

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