Beal Prairie Shelter

March 20, 1989

On a rather “iffy” semi-rainy morning, six of us climbed into Wes Prouty’s truck and took off to see if it would be snow or rain on the road to Beal Prairie Shelter. We found snow on the road and in the air about 1½ miles from our primary road to Beal Prairie. The trip is long — longer than I remembered. We had good snow to ski on, but no views; it was foggy and snowing all day. We arrived at the edge of the Prairie about 2:30 p.m. It was windy with blowing snow and fog. There was so much snow we decided not to dig for the shelter. We grabbed a quick second lunch in the shelter of a tree and headed downhill for the truck. Skiers were Norm Benton, Audrey Cummings, Colette Govan, Herb McMurtry, Wes Prouty, and Jane Hackett (leader).

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