Blair Lake

January 22, 1989

The route to Blair Lake goes via Salmon Creek Road, then on Forest Road #1934. Most years the road is clear enough to drive within three or four miles of Blair Lake. Not for January of 1989! We needed to put on chains even on Saloon Creek Road and made very little distance, less than a mile, by car on #1934. So what we had was road skiing. The quality of the snow and track varied greatly, not so such fun at the lower end, but quite pretty and agreeable up higher in spit of having to break trail. We skied up about four miles. At one point we encountered three elk who watched us from a clear-cut for a long time. There were some pretty skies and panoramic views. Our skiers included Doris Allen, Vi Johnson, Marsha King, Herb McMurtry, and co-leaders Sandra Larsen and Emmy Dale.

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