Lava Lake

January 21, 1989

Lava Lake Road (FS #2067, off Hwy. 20) has been a favorite ski trip for Mike and I, and we have shared our enthusiasm with others through four years of Obsidian trips. This year, as we fondly look back on past adventures and misadventures, we will bid that location “Farewell!” and search for greener pastures … but whiter slopes. You see, loggers are encroaching on “our” terrain, plowing out the road a couple of miles or more. This year we skied on thin snow for a mile, and because the main road was plowed still further, we turned onto the unplowed road which follows Crescent Creek northwest toward Crescent Mountain. We had a good ski along this road even though wet snow falling and wet snow below created less than ideal conditions. The murmuring creek and snow draped trees were pleasing to the eyes and ears of our congenial group of ten outdoor people. We enjoyed the sociability of riding together in Bob’s comfortable van and sharing a table at the usual pie and coffee stop. We returned to Eugene just after 5:00, tired and damp but happily refreshed from our day in the snow. Skiers were Norm Benton, Bob Dark, Leona Devine, Roger Galka, Susan Harrington, Richard Heinzkill, Ann Moore, Ken Zimmerman, and leaders Mike and Velma Shirk.

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