Fuji Mountain Ski Trail

January 8, 1989

Ever since I first skied the Fuji Mountain trail on December 31, 1987, it has been one of my favorite spots to ski. I had noticed it on the map about a year before and was attracted to the fact that it climbed the steep ridge on the north side of Highway 58 in the Salt Creek Falls area. Being on the south side of the ridge had both the advantage of a good view of Diamond Peak and of being on the sunny side of the slope. When I finally had the opportunity to explore the trail, I was surprised to learn that a shelter had been erected at the top of the ridge during the summer of 1987. This makes a very convenient lunch spot. Since there is a 1,400-foot altitude gain in the three and a half miles to the shelter, there are long downhill runs on the return trip where one can pick up speed with no fear of running into trees or other obstacles. An additional asset of this trail is that it is one of the closest ski areas to Eugene, so that one spends a minimum amount of time on the highway. I signed up to lead the January 8th trip because I wanted to share it with my Obsidian friends. Unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with a clear, sunny day that would have afforded us the panoramic view of Diamond Peak and Mt. Yoran. There were low clouds in the sky with occasional snow squalls. There were nine inches of new snow, so that we not only had a steep hill to climb but also had to take turns breaking trail. The ten people in our party made a wonderful trail for our glide back down the hill. The depth of the snow at the shelter deflected the wind from roaring into the south-facing open side making our lunch stop more pleasant. Skiing back down our freshly made trail was superb: fast enough to be thrilling but soft enough to allow good control. The participants in this winter adventure were Peter Boag, Carol Horvath, Dennis (Whitey) Lueck, Sam Miller, Cynthia Munyon, Royal Murdock, Rachele Noto Fiszman, Don Orton and Velma Shirk. Leader: Anne Montgomery.

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