Mt. Pisgah

December 16, 1989

It was a cold and foggy day when our small group took off to do “Pisgah the Hard Way.” Starting from the wide stair step stile (repeat three ties rapidly) near the park entrance, we headed upward past a herd of grazing cows. The first half mile was “granny gear steep,” but no one paused to catch their breath. It was better to pant and gasp than to stop and get chilled. The route around the far side of Pisgah took us through lush green stands of timber, the trunks of which were covered with thick coats of moss. This was quite a contrast to the drabber, drier southwest side. But then — of mud there was more, to be sure. But of crowds, bounding dogs or rampaging mountain bikes there were none. Deo gratias! Lunch on the summit was taken amongst the once taller weeds and grass, now weighted down with beautiful ice crystals intricately feathered into wide horizontal bands by high winds. The cold soon penetrated through everything we had on, so we beat a hasty retreat — once again via Pisgah’s backside. Getting a brisk four-hour workout while basking in the warmth of mutual camaraderie on a cold December day were: Ben Elkus, Gary Mark, Dayna Mitchell, Lorraine Mombert and Bob Devine (leader).

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