South Willamette Trail

December 3, 1989

One car came out from Eugene to meet me at the Lowell Ranger Station. We drove up Highway 58 to the Hardesty Trailhead, left a car, and the members of the party climbed into my pickup and I drove on up to the Eula Ridge Trailhead. Our party left the trailhead about 10 a.m., hiked up the Eula Ridge Trail about a quarter of a mile, then turned off on to the South Willamette Trail. The trail drops down to cross North Creek, climbs up and drops down to cross Harper Creek, then climbs up to bypass a parcel of private land. It passes between the property boundary and the edge of a clear-cut unit, then drops down to follow the fire line of an older clear-cut (now growing up with young trees), and the edge of a newly cut unit (we also had to cross the spur road constructed to reach this unit) to a small open meadow where we ate lunch. We hiked onward across fairly flat ground through interesting territory which had very large old tree stumps visible and is now growing younger timber. We came down to cross the Crale Creek Road and on down to cross Crale Creek, then climb up again to hike along the boundary of several small clear-cuts and some timber to join the Hardesty Trail. We arrived back at our parked car about 3 p.m. It was a most pleasant hike, no rain the whole time, also no sun. Hikers were Miki Hutchison, Gary Marx, Robin Prentice, Paula Vehrs and Helen Smith (leader).

An interesting side note, this trail — for our use — was built by a combination of contracted labor and volunteer labor. The areas where the bridges had to be built were done by a contractor, other areas which involved brush cutting and tread building (trail building) were constructed by volunteers.

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