China Creek Loop

November 26, 1989

The loop trip including following China Creek, the Valley Trail, the Hobbit Trail to the beach and north along the coast to the China Creek Trail back to the car starts just inside the Washburne Campground. The entire distance is moderate and has no problems with the possible exception of a beaver family making following the Valley Trail difficult at one point and being sure to be on the beach at anything but high tide. The trail starts at the entrance to the campground at a well marked spot and follows China Creek for several miles. Returning back part of the way on the China Creek Trail begins the well marked Valley Trail. The path follows along an old wagon road from early days and comes out on Highway 101 across from the beginning of the Hobbit Trail. On the Valley Trail if the beaver has been hard at work, crossing one bridge may be difficult if not wet. The Hobbit Trail, an old Indian trail, goes down the hill to the beach. Timing is important in walking north on the beach since the tide comes in far enough at high tide to make it difficult if not dangerous to be there. An hour after high tide was just fine on this day; we had a leisurely lunch waiting for the water to stay back. Close to where China Creek flows into the Pacific is a trail which follows the creek under the highway and back into the Washburne Campground. This is a great easy hike with a variety from the coastal hills to the beach. Hiking were: Maxine Hall, Catherine Jones, B. Manheim, Robin Prentice, Sharon Ritchie, Allan Sorenson, Margaret Wiese and leader Mary Ellen West.

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