Little Cowhorn

November 19, 1989

Good grief, what had I done? So there were 30 names on the registration. Why not, what can go wrong? It’s a short hike. Well, that morning I found out what can go wrong. First my brain went into automatic tilt when I arrived at the parking lot and saw ALL those people, and, unfortunately it stayed in that mode the rest of the day. Next I lost two cars. Thank heaven they found us at the trailhead. Forget head count. Every time I tried, I came up with a different number. My apologies to Susan Baker and Dot Leland for losing them. My thanks to Vi Johnson for her head/car counting help. The hike? It was great. The weather was warm, the breeze was cool, the big trees were — big, and the view from Little Cowhorn was super. The final problem was getting people back on their feet and back down the trail. My fun group consisted of non-members Kevin Clark, Anne Conner, Fred and Norma Ernest, Sherry Gault, Lucie Krueger, Erica Pool, Susan Sechtel, Bill Trevask, Vance Yates and members Susan Baker, Mary Christoferson, Genie Currier, Marcia Danab, Bob Dark, Bob Foster, Corrine Hunt, Vi Johnson, John and Trish Kocher, Teresa Ladd, Dot Leland, Gary Marx, Mary Millman, Robin Prentice, Bert Sarzynski, Hans Schock, Allan Sorenson, Suzanne Steussy, and leader, Sharon Ritchie.

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