Gordon Peak Trail

November 5, 1989

Gordon Peak Trail (an old growth experience). In my quest for unusual places to hike I became interested in the Gordon Peak Trail. The Sweet Home Ranger District provided a complete trail description and directions to the trailhead. On a clear day there is a spectacular view of Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood right from the trailhead. Yes, this trail starts at the top and meanders down through old growth stands of fir and hemlock, over ridges, across streams, through two old clear-cuts. There are no further view points until the 5.5 mile point where you can look directly toward Chimney Peak. I did not out-guess the weather by picking November 5th for the trip. Going by way of Road 11, past Green Peter Dam, we arrived in some snow at the trailhead. It was raining and the drizzle continued for most of the trip. Viewing the fog and clouds on the 11-mile round trip hike were: Janice and Robert Carrico, Kevin Clark, Sherry Gault, Marty Hathaway, Carolyn Kompanik, Ray Mikesell, Henrietta Richmond, Ardys Ringsdorf, Bart Sarzynski, Allan Sorenson, Carol Stern and Wes Prouty (leader).

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