Wildwood Falls

October 8, 1989

Bob Devine led the group from Eugene to milepost 6 on Row River Road, Cottage Grove. That involved going around the lake all the way — a little extra sight seeing — since blasting had closed the road near the start. Carol drove up to the spot, parked and rode her bike through it and reported the group could squeeze by on the way back. Someone had crunched the barricades and a narrow passageway was available. The bike ride itself was on a gorgeous day. Leaves were showing color and the day was warm. Going along the north shore of Dorena Lake first, and then turning on to a small road off of that led us to Wildwood Falls where we paused to enjoy it. Lunch beckoned so we rode on to Rujada Campground and picnic area which is a beautiful area next to a stream. Returning was just as beautiful and all had an exhilarating day. Riders were Mary Christoferson, Bob Devine, Carol Houde, Corinne Hunt and leader Shirley Froyd.

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