Substitute Point

October 6, 1989

We left the trailhead at 10:10. Not bad: there’s no snow on the trail, not a trace. Sounds good, doesn’t it! We make good time. Then about 2½ miles up we began to hit spots of snow. Not bad, can still travel well. At three-and-a-half miles we hit the big one, not to see ground again. We are up on at least 2 feet or more of snow. Trail blazes, we follow them (or at least try!). The question: should we turn back? Of course not! With Substitute on the right and Proxy on the left, how can we miss. Blazes, where are they? We spread out, traveling east — at least map and compass say so. There’s a blaze! Good, we are above the trail. Oh, what fun! At one point we can see Proxy Point, on the left. We can see a rise on the right; that’s Substitute. We must stay close to the bottom. We’re not going to see the trail junction this day, so up we go on the rock ridge. We see the top. We are on time for lunch. What a view! It’s well worth while. Didn’t want to leave, but had to. We start down headed for Proxy Point. Should have taken a compass reading! We pass a little to the right. We stop; it looks different, somehow. Proxy has moved, it’s on our left, Husband is on the right. A correction is called for — with a west heading to the sun. We pass the flank of Proxy. We come across our tracks, better still some blazes. It was good to pass two backpackers headed for the P.C.T. We wished them luck, and were back at the trailhead at 5:15. In the snow were Bob Devine, L.P. Forsythe, Ralph Nafziger, Karin Thompson and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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