Olallie Lookout

October 1, 1989

For the first time in the several times I have led this trip, we encountered wet weather. The day was overcast when we set out, six of us, including three members. The trail was beautiful, as usual. Surely this is one of the very most lovely old growth trails. The trail route we walked is in the wilderness, thanks to all the hearties that fought to “Save French Pete” in the mid and late sixties. This part of the trail will never be logged. But I digress. There was no “active precipitation” until we got to the top of the ridge and to the lookout. There we had lunch with light rain, and fog spilling over from the front that was heavy to the west. The view was foreshortened: one could see much of French Pete and Separation-Horse Creek Drainage, but the mountains had their bulk entirely in the clouds. The rain abated as soon as we started down from the top on the way back. So six cheerful hikers, all very good companions, had a fine and lovely day, even for a bit of rain and the popping of hunters’ guns in the distance. Those enjoying the day were Bev Atkins, Carmel Decroos, Barb Elsen, Gary Marx, Betty Jean Wylie and Eaton Conant (leader).

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