Nimrod Garage

September 24, 1989

This trip was originally scheduled for Substitute Point, however, by Thursday, no one had signed up, so Joe talked me into changing it to a shorter five-mile hike to Matthieu Lakes. Eight people eventually signed up — two cars. Joe, Jane, Keith and Sandra went in the first car, the rest in Kathy’s Sentra. Car number one went ahead to complete a beautiful hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Car number two got by Finn Rock and then decided to quit — a busted timing belt and bent valves. We got Greg (Greenacre Automotive) to tow the car into his garage at Nimrod and then we hiked four miles to this quaint little town on the river, very near the infamous Browns Hole. We stopped for awhile to watch river people salvage their boat which had been sucked in by the hole the evening before. Then we marched up the highway to a yard sale. Very pleasant people. Then we continued on our hike pausing at a beautiful garden, jawing with the locals, observing lovely small waterfalls one would not notice while driving. Susan became interested in fuzzy caterpillars for some reason, I guess because they were sticking to the soft pavement. Then we arrived at Nimrod where the damage to the car was estimated at approximately $350. Gulp, oh well. Then we had an enjoyable lunch at the store and returned to Eugene with Greg’s mother, arriving back at the parking lot at 2:00. No sign of car number one returning. Oh well, just another one of those typical Obsidian trips, definitely qualifying. As of this writing Kathy’s car is still at the Greenacre Garage, Nimrod, Oregon. Matthieu Lakes bound were Keith Christensen, Jane Hackett, Sandra Larsen and Joe Lowry. Nimrodians were Marty Hathaway, Susan Stewart, and co-leaders Kathy and Parker Riddle.

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