Obsidian Loop

September 24, 1989

Nine hikers left Obsidian Trailhead (Frog Camp) and after a couple of views of Middle and North Sister from the lava field reached Obsidian Meadow by 12:45. We hiked part way up the rocky hill “Penthouse Rock” and sat on a huge exposed rock, gazing out at North, Middle and South Sisters and ate lunch. Five of us hiked to the top and had a better view of the Three Sisters, Husband, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson. Most of us enjoyed the refreshing spray of 40-foot Obsidian Falls before beginning to hike up the cliff to Arrowhead Lake. Below, several small ice-melt lakes were visible. A good view of Belknap Crater to faint Mt. Hood to the northwest, Husband to the south, Little Brother and the Three Sisters to the east. Carol, Joe and I swam in Arrowhead Lake and most of the group waded in the 3-foot deep lake. We met four other interesting Eugene hikers. Ray slid down a snowfield. We all carefully descended a scree slope and loose gravel and paused briefly in Sunshine Meadow. After a last glimpse of the Three Sisters from the lava flow, we hiked three miles through the woods to the cars. The nine hikers who enjoyed this hike were Gail Wahl, Carol Stern, Suzanne Twight, Sharon Ritchie, Barbara Schultz, Irving Wohlfarth, Ray Beer and the leader Bob Foster.

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