Mt. Yoran

September 23, 1989

In years past this hike has had the feel of fall about it. With the temperature in Eugene above 90, it was scarcely a typical fall day, but it was a lovely day for a hike in the Diamond Peak Wilderness Area. On the way in we saw several large mushrooms. Lunch was at the lake at the bottom of Mt. Yoran. All but two went up to the saddle, and then clawed and crawled their way to the top where we lingered for quite awhile. On the way back several cooled feet and bodies in the lake. Later after a final rest stop, one non-Obsidian started off without his pack. Norm Benton discovered the unclaimed pack, picked it up, and started down the trail with it as an extra. About five minutes later Norm met the embarrassed hiker on his way back up the trail. After wondering why he was making such good time, he realized that it was because he didn’t have his pack! Hikers enjoying this trip were Glenn Aplin, Ray Beer, Norm Benton, Yvonne Choate, Kevin Clark, Bob and Linda Hall, Diane Jeffcott, Jerry La Fountain, Robin Prentice, Ruby Seitz, Suzanne Steussy and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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