Clear Lake

September 23, 1989

One congenial carload of hikers cleared the S.E.H.S. parking lot on schedule bound for Clear Lake. A person could not have asked for a nicer fall day, which made the drive up the McKenzie Highway a most pleasant experience in itself. We found Clear Lake still teeming with boaters. Most of then were fishing but there was no evidence that anybody was catching anything. The boaters’ presence caused a scarcity of water fowl but we did see a couple of Great Blue Heron and a small flock of what we tentatively identified as Northern Mergansers or Redheads. The small group facilitated much conversation and dawdling along the way so we did not make the circuit back to the boat dock and cafe until about 2 p.m. Following refreshments we returned to Eugene in time to learn the Ducks had just blown it at Stanford. Enjoying the day together were: Phyllis Earley, Jeanie Holmes, Marie King, Helen Lynch and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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