Bobby Lake

September 7, 1989

Eleven, 12, 13. Oops!! We are missing two people. We had a capable sweep (Norm Benton) but a culpable leader for the hike to Bobby Lake and beyond, September 7th. The missing two had followed another party but soon realized that their travels were taking them in the wrong direction. It didn’t take long to get reunited. We hikers had lunch “on the rocks” at Bobby Lake, another one of those “special spots” in Oregon. The weather was perfect — Hank Plant took a swim in the icy water. Everyone knows about “the best laid plans …” For several reasons we had to make a last-minute change. We made a shuttle to Maiden Peak Trail on the Gold Lake Road instead of going east as we had hoped to do. This was an excellent choice except the Pacific Crest Trail has been moved to a higher elevation so it involved a bit more uphill hiking and slowed us down considerably. In the end we made it to the cars — 12, 13, 14, 15 — everyone was accounted for. No one lost, no bee stings, no mosquitoes, no rain! Wonderful!! The 15 who came back were: Norm Benton, Phyllis Earley, Jan Humphrey, Marjory and Volney Kelm, Dot Leland, Dorothy Medill, Mary Millman, Bill Morse, Hank Plant, Virginia Prouty, Paula Vehrs, Lanelda Watts, Velma Shirk and leader Lois Morse. Special thanks to Hank Plant and Bill Morse for taking cars.

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