Craig Lake

August 12, 1989

Craig Lake is always a marvelous place for a summer swim and for this trip the water was a fine temperature. Weather conditions were optimum. The sometimes ankle deep dust on the main trail was dampened earlier in the week by rain, so the entire hike was unusually pleasant. Mosquitos were pretty tame although a couple of yellow jackets surprised two different hikers. There were some moments on the approach to the butte when we lost our way briefly and were unable to spot the cairns that now mark the little fishing trail. Everyone was good natured and patient. Eventually we bumbled onto the elusive little trail and came out at the cliffs for lunch just before 12:15. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and then cleaned up the somewhat messy fire ring and came on back to Eugene by about six p.m. Hikers included Doris Allen, Kristi Anderson, Marty Hathaway, Roberta Isaacson, Sally McGavin, Gary Marx, Virginia Prouty, Fred Schepman, Wostek Szalecki, Carolyn Villa-Lobos, David and Jan White, Birgitte Williams and Emmy Dale (leader).

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