Iron Mountain

July 9, 1989

What can I say about this hike that hasn’t been said numerous ties before!!! The wildflowers were beautiful and profuse, but the weather was rotten: fog, drizzle and cold wind. Being ever-positive Obsidians, we all agreed the cool weather made the march to the top of Iron Mountain much easier. Soon-to-be new member Bart Sarzynsly had arrived at the trailhead that morning before us and was pressed into service in carrying a person from another group one-quarter of a mile down the trail on an improvised stretcher. This person had apparently fainted. Wildflower admirers for the day were Bart Sarzynsly, Mel Zavensky, Rachele Noto Fiszman, Shirley Froyd, Jane Hackett, Ann and Ed Lichtenstein and leader Sharon Ritchie.

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