Marys Peak

July 1, 1989

As a dozen of us loaded three cars in preparation for departure, it was noted that one of the cars to be used had developed a flat tire. We shuffled passengers into an alternate vehicle and set out, electing to take care of the flat upon our return. The alternate car had to be fueled and this delay, along with a rest stop at Connie and Flossie’s in Philomath, put us at the trailhead a bit behind schedule. The sky was overcast as we started to climb and the summit appeared to be shrouded in clouds. These conditions were appreciated as we worked our way up the longest 3½ miles of trail in our collective memory. As we neared the summit we were greeted by the arrival of a cold front which brought strong gusts of wind. The temperature dropped to a very uncomfortable level and we were engulfed in a rainy fog-like atmosphere which limited visibility to about 40 yards. Consequently, we paid a hasty visit to the restroom facilities and beat a retreat to a lower elevation, where protected from the wind and rain, we ate an overdue lunch. So, we were denied the beautiful vistas which the top of Marys Peak normally affords. Likewise, we didn’t get to enjoy the wildflowers in the meadows at the top. Along the forested trail, however, we did see many coralroot orchids and, best of all, quite a few Indian peace pipes. Despite the fiasco at the top and, oh yes, the flat tire which awaited our return, it was an enjoyable outing shared by Glenn Aplin, Saralyn Brooks-0’Connor, Judy Forell, Sylvia Harvey, Terry Ianora, Dorothy Leland, Loretta Macauley, Loretta Mason, Henrietta Richmond, Ardys Ringsdorf, Harriet Spitler and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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