Clear Lake Trail

June 28, 1989

Six members of our trip met at S.E.H.S. parking lot and left at 8:30 to meet in Leaburg at Wilma and Frank’s home where the rest of our party gathered. Although the weather report was for possible rain or showers in the afternoon, the rain did not begin until we arrived back at our cars. The cool temperature made an ideal hike. The wind ruffled up the water too much to see the big trout usually seen at the outlet bridge. Many beautiful wild flowers were seen. The tiger lilies were very numerous. At the east side of the lake, across from the resort building, the osprey appeared to be incubating her eggs. While we all ate our lunch, she watched us and all that was going on around her. She appeared very beautiful in the binoculars. Clear Lake Trail made a very relaxing and delightful hike for Daniel, Phillip and Steven Johnson, Loretta Mason, Lenore McManigal, Wilma Moore, Lloyd Plaisted, Gwen Renfro, Gene Thaxton, Evelyn and Lester Tinker, and Lenore McManigal (leader).

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