Rebel Rock Loop

June 17, 1989

It was a gloomy, gray and overcast morning that sourly greeted me as I swiftly sped to my anticipated rendezvous. The worst was happening, my luck was running out, now rain drops were splattering dismally on my dusty, streaked windshield … Wow! I’ve created a sure winner for the “Bad Novel” opening paragraph contest, but alas it also described the reality for my 5th Rebel Loop “Death March.” Soggy 15-mile hikes build character, but aren’t such fun. My spirits lifted though when I met the bright-eyed, optimistic group at the SEHS parking lot. Old friends, new friends and people that would become friends were all there ready and eager to go (read between the lines: they were all there because the leader was late, despite his stern warning about a prompt start!). Exercising leader’s prerogative, “promptly” was changed to “about 8:15.” The closer we got to the mountain, the better the weather looked. The forecast called for afternoon rain, but the weather went from a few blue spots to a few puffy little clouds, proving once again that in Oregon one should “go for it,” regardless of the forecast. We started hiking at 9:50, reached the first junction about noon, and Rebel Rock about 1:45, partly cross-country by way of an interesting rock outcropping viewpoint and Rebel Mountain. Lunch break at the base of Rebel Rock is especially nice in good weather, with great views of the Sisters, etc., and adjacent rock formations. After lunch and the thrash back to the trail, we stopped at the lookout for a short stay. Then (this is starting to sound like a treasure hunt!!) on to the last viewpoint before the “exciting” (“dreaded?”) 4 miles of steep trail back to the welcome cars. Considering the stops we made, our 5:30 p.m. arrival time was very good indeed. What a fun day, a leader’s dream trip come true. Sunshine, great views, bad jokes, shared with a strong group of interesting friends. Survivors of the 5th Loop “event” were John Englehart, Bob Foster, Marsha King, Ray Mikesell, Velma Shirk, Karin Thompson, and Ed Lovegren (leader).

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