Waldo Mountain

June 3, 1989

It was early June and time for the annual Obsidian exploration of the snow on Waldo Mountain. The snow was very low this year — but excellent trail finding by Bob, Ed and Karin lead us easily up to the top. It was a day of swiftly passing thunderclouds, so while the nearby view of Waldo Lake was magnificent, the farther mountains were visible, but not so outstanding. We took the route down to Waldo Meadow and over to Salmon Lake where three hardy (foolish?) hikers swam. The hike out was without snow, and after spending most of the trip on snow, we all found the journey out quite pleasant. It was highlighted by a big green frog who obligingly sat just off the trail to be admired by all. A good day, we all agreed. The Waldo Mountain annual snow exploration was enjoyed by Bob Foster, Ed Landgren, Carol Stern, Karin Thompson, Carolyn Villa-Lobos, Sylvia, the geologist (my apologies for loosing the sign-up sheet; I also know I signed her membership application!), and Mary Fulton (leader).

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