Brice Creek Trail

May 28, 1989

“I wish this trail would go on forever;” “Let’s make this an annual hike.” These comments were heard as we hiked this beautiful new (two years old) Brice Creek Trail. It follows the creek with several ups and downs. After a week of rain the tributaries were swollen which meant fording with the help of rocks, limbs and strong arms. Showers were with us at lunch time so some found protection under the bridge or under umbrellas, and some just got wet! The decision was made to return via road and trail as the fording was a bit hazardous. Thanks to these good Obsidians: Bob Devine, Bob Foster, Gladys Grancorvitz, Marty Hathaway, Mary Millman, Dave Predeek, Suzanne Steussy, and Paula Vehrs. And welcome to these non-members: Tim Brinton, David Radile and Norma Slater. Special thanks to drivers Bob Devine, David Radile and Tim Brinton. Virginia Prouty was leader.

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